Support Human Development

Published 4:14 pm Thursday, May 10, 2012

Editor, The Herald:

Bravo goes to Thomas Friedman, on his article A Festival of Lies in the April 20, Farmville Herald. America's Foreign Policy is in need of an overhaul like right now!

The standard by which our need to help others is in need of change. When we help dictators kill their own citizens, when popular insurgents gain military status to wipeout their leaders, then turn on their own. When the nuclear threat makes us weak in our decisions to stand firm against nations of capability, which makes us look like puppets!

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Consider countries like Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, North Korea and others that use us like we are the victim of a bully. When does this nation say “Enough”!!

Enough of throwing up in our faces the “poor is me” facade, enough with trying to rid their country of these insurgents, militant fighters, dictators and others issues that gets the U.S.A taxpayers money to fund their causes. Billions of dollars is spent in these areas, when right here at home we have a crisis of our own to solve.

Washington is helping a country that doesn't even educate their citizens to be more productive in society, to make its citizens thrive to better itself for the future. Instead Washington is paying millions of dollars for democracy workers to get out of jail!

Countries that thrive on power that is given to one person to hold, and they turn it into an absurd killing field. America is helping countries that hold its citizens in fear if they don't jump through the hoops of socialism, so that its leaders can live in luxury. Countries that have oil and nukes hold us hostage like Iran did in the late 70's.

I agree with Mr. Friedman, change is possible and it (change) will happen if these countries want it. Stop the sectarianism, tribalism and oil-fueled fundamentalism manner of support and start supporting “Human Development” for the better good of our planet!! To think spending billions on a hope and a maybe is like the little boy with his finger in the leaking dike. If you want change tell Washington “Enough”!!

Start now by writing your District Representative, Congressman, Senator, and President!

Good government comes from people who share a common outlook, not looking the other way or hoping things will get better. This is not an option; it is a must for change to happen not only in other countries but our own!

Tina Smith