Take Care Of PE Public Schools

Published 4:17 pm Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Editor, The Herald:

I am a parent of children in the Prince Edward County Schools, an active member of the community, a taxpayer and voter. I am writing today as an advocate for our schools and to voice my concerns regarding the current proposed funding cuts to our education system.

The proposed tax cuts to Prince Edward Schools will effect the Music Education, Art Education, and Foreign Language Education of our children. These are invaluable areas of learning. Not only do they enrich the education program as a whole, they are also the pathways to further learning, expression, and understanding diversity. Furthermore, these areas of education are required aspects of the Standards of Learning (SOLs). Most importantly, these programs have been proven to increase overall standardized test scores. Therefore, these areas are not frivolous or disposable.

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Two areas that would benefit from the proposed budget are the convention center (the proposed Granite Falls Hotel and Conference Center) and road improvement. The proposed convention center could bring more revenue to Prince Edward and would be nice but not necessary to our community's success. The $2 million road improvements would be nice, but as a parent who drops off and picks up my children on a daily basis, I feel our children's education greatly outweighs any minor inconvenience of traffic.

It is time to take care of our community. I cannot imagine any department more deserving of further funding than Prince Edward's Department of Education. The education of our community's children directly effects our county. Prince Edward has struggled in the past regarding its support of our schools. Please, let's not fail our community, its children, it future.

Sarah C. Detrick

Prince Edward