May He Receive Blessings

Published 2:46 pm Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Editor, The Herald:

After stopping by a supermarket in Farmville late one evening, I ended up in a long checkout line. When finally arrived outside with my groceries it was dark. With my impaired vision, I felt uneasy as I whispered a prayer while moving out into traffic heading North of Farmville to my home. While keeping my speed down, I began to notice a long line of traffic behind me. I decided to pull off the road to allow the vehicles to pass. As I did so, I misjudged the distance to a driveway and stopped short in a ditch. I attempted to move my car but to no avail. As I was pulling out my cell phone to call for help, I noticed a pickup truck slowing down and coming up behind me. I felt somewhat apprehensive when a stranger approached me and asked if he could help. He immediately took a chain from his truck and gently pulled my car from the ditch. When I thanked him, the gentleman replied, “I just wanted to help.”

When I arrived home safely, I thanked God for the kind person who had stopped to help me. May he receive blessings from above for his good deed. There are many kind and thoughtful people among us!

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Edna Wood