Herald, Medford League Basketball Applauded

Published 3:25 pm Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Editor, The Herald:

Often, the good things are overlooked. The article that I hope is not overlooked is the article about the Medford League Basketball team at Prince Edward County High School in the March 21, 2012 issue of The Herald. In the article, Rob Chapman did an excellent job explaining how everyone comes together in order for the students with disabilities to be able to play basketball. I am thankful that Prince Edward offers this.

I am a senior at Prince Edward and have attended since kindergarten. I've definitely seen the positive changes that have continued to duplicate. Having the Medford League Basketball team, in my heart, is on the top of the list. Just seeing the joy on their faces before, during, and after the games is so amazing.

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So many people take things for granted, but every single student on this team enjoys everything they have. I am grateful that I have been able to see them play and encourage them. Although it is great to win, they are still happy even if they lose. They enjoy spending time and working together to put their hearts into each game they play. When one of the players makes a shot, everyone in the gym claps and cheers them on from the sidelines.

The excitement doesn't stop during the game, it continues during the school day. I love it when I walk through the halls headed to class and I hear the students talking about the goal that they scored, how they worked together to win the ballgame, and ask if you were there to see them play in their game. The students on the Medford League Basketball team use their skills on and off the court. When they are in the hallways, they have the biggest smiles on their faces and wave at each person who passes. On any day, but especially days that they win their basketball games, students give high-fives to those on the Medford team. The support from students and faculty is great. Everyone comes together to show the students on the Medford team that they are important and everything they do is important to our school.

Having the Medford League team at Prince Edward has been such a great addition. I am glad that our assistant principal, Mr. Soderholm, put this program together a few years ago. It not only gives these students who play on the team their time to shine, but it shows that Prince Edward offers so many activities to students to get them prepared for life. Congratulations Medford League Basketball team!

Debra Sue Shumaker