PECHS' Transformation Draws Support

Published 4:15 pm Thursday, January 19, 2012

Editor, The Herald

This year, one of Prince Edward County High School's goals is to achieve 100 percent attendance. While this goal may seem high, it reflects the importance of our young people attending school to support high academic success. During December of 2011, our school celebrated 94 percent attendance. As a school, we are especially proud of this achievement because during the previous school year, our school only had an 88 percent attendance rate for the month of December. Without question, our faculty, staff, and students all contributed to this accomplishment. However, as Principal of the high school, I would like to thank our parents and our community members for their efforts in this success.

Early in the month of December, I wrote a letter to our parents stressing the importance of attendance in regards to student achievement. I also requested a partnership to insure that all of our students were at school during the month of December. Based on our attendance for the month of December, our students and parents rose to the occasion. As such, our parents and community members share this success. When our students are successful, it is because of the support of diligent teachers and a supporting community. Moreover, when our students are thriving, our community flourishes. Again, I thank the community for its support as Prince Edward County High School continues the transformation in 2012.

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Craig Reed

Prince Edward County High School