Published 4:22 pm Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1 – “Lord help me remember that nothing is going to happen today that You and I can't handle.”

Randy Early a teacher at James River High School was awarded a $12,000 grant from the REB Awards for Teaching Excellence. These awards are given to some of the best in their field. These cash awards are presented to teachers to enable them to pursue postgraduate studies, professional training or world travel. His award will allow him to travel in the United States and abroad to observe how individuals with intellectual disabilities are educated and incorporated into and supported in other communities. Randy teaches students with moderate intellectual disabilities. Randy is the son of Jimmy and Peggy Gee Early. His grandmother was Lucille Kelsey Gee and his uncle is Carl Kelsey.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kelsey entertained family members for Thanksgiving. Those attending the celebration were Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Kelsey, Nick and Abby Kelsey, Mr. and Mrs. Robin Dickson, Justin Chilton of Christopher Newport College, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Early and Randy Early.

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Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stockton were joined on Thanksgiving by their son and his family; Lon and Mary Jo Stockton, Jr. and Sean Stockton.

Mrs. Peggy Kelsey had most of her family home for Thanksgiving evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Don Meadows traveled to Richmond to join Mr. and Mrs. Andy Shotwell, Zack, Josh and Kate for Thanksgiving and fun family time.

Mr. and Mrs. David Noblin, Brady and Allie of Chesapeake and Mrs. Shirley Richardson of Pamplin joined Mr. and Mrs. Ray Noblin for Thanksgiving.

Mr. and Mrs. John Fulcher celebrated Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. Mike Fulcher at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Doug Hayes.

Shirley Fulcher was glad she was able to join Shirley Mottley, Linda Franklin, Evelyn Shelton and Jeannette Tarlton at the meeting of the Special Blessings group on Monday.

The Prospect Historical Society members have raffle tickets for sale for a beautiful large quilt. The tickets are $1each or 6 for $5, the drawing will take place Dec. 20. You may call 434-392-6431 or 434-574-6140 for tickets or go by Merk's Place.

Family, friends and neighbors are sending special get well wishes to all those who are sick at this time; Mrs. Flora Bolt, Mrs. Polly Duncan, Mrs. Shirley Fulcher, and Mrs. Alice Kelsey.

Family and friends are expressing their sincere sympathy to all those who have lost loved ones recently.

Davis Memorial membership will hold its annual Christmas dinner this Saturday at 6 p.m. after which they will decorate the church.

Appomattox P.E. Presbyterian Church will enjoy their “Holiday Meal” on Sunday night at 6 p.m.

Appomattox P.E. Presbyterian Church at Tuggle invites everyone to Sunday School at 10 a.m. with worship at 11 a.m. Rev. Chuck Klotzberger will be in the pulpit this Sunday.

The membership of Davis Memorial Presbyterian Church at Prospect invites you to come and worship with them every Sunday; Sunday School is at 10 a.m. with worship at 11 a.m.

Calvary Chapel-Farmville invites you to worship with them on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. They invite you to join them each week on Wednesday evening for Bible Study for all age groups at 7 p.m. Calvary Chapel-Farmville is located at 45 Simpson Road in Prospect, two miles west of Dowdy's Corner just off of US 460.

Happy Birthday is wished to all those celebrating a December birthday. Your flower is the Narcissus and you birthstone is the Turquoise. Those with December birthdays that I know are: Shirley Arrington (2), Sylvia Davis (3), Jo Smith (3), Mildred Shanks (5), Nancy Mottley(8), Howard Campbell (8), Charles Puckett (10), Marsha Paulson of Richmond (14), Drew Perkins (15), Lindsey Reynolds (15), Virginia Goode (16), Sean Stockton (17), Walter Penick (17), John Gager (20), Shirley Moore (23), Penny Puckett (23), Christy Murphy (23), Paula Card (24), Grace E. Moton (26), Paige Epps (27), William “Bill” Whitter (28) and Henry Fulcher (29).

Happy Anniversary is wished to those with anniversaries in December. Those I know are: Mr. and Mrs. John Fulcher (11), Richard and Margaret Stockton (26), and Lon and Mary Jo Stockton, Jr. (29).

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