Plaques Coming For Ex-Supervisors

Published 5:05 pm Thursday, December 22, 2011

BUCKINGHAM – With Supervisors Brian Bates, John Kitchen and Danny LeSueur leaving the board at the end of month, Chairman Bill Talbert announced during the December meeting that they would be honoring them for their service at a later time.

None of the three men sought re-election to the board of supervisors.

County Administrator Rebecca Carter shared that the plaques they had hoped to present to the three were not ready.

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However, Talbert went on to acknowledge that Kitchen served on the board for 24 years and during that time only missed one meeting.

Kitchen offered that out of 288 meetings, he made it to 287.

At that point, Talbert requested and received a standing ovation from the audience for Kitchen.

During the public comment segment, Cassandra Stish, who will be replacing Bates on the board, stated, “I wanted to take a moment for the record to say that I really appreciate Dr. Bates' service to this community and especially as my representative for District 5.”

Stish continued, “He has been a mentor, a teacher and a good friend to me. He inspired me to be a good public servant.”

Stish shared, “I am stepping into his shoes with some trepidation because they are some big shoes to fill but I am honored.”

Unfortunately, due to a work-related commitment, Bates was not on hand for the accolade.

Later in the meeting, at the conclusion of the agenda, Supervisor Danny LeSueur expressed his gratitude to his fellow board members over the last eight years. He also expressed his appreciation to the residents who attended the meetings and to those who supported him.

LeSueur also complimented and thanked County Administrator Carter, County Attorney E. M. Wright, and the staff.

After expressing his thanks, LeSueur shared, “I may be back.”

Agreeing with LeSueur's comments on the county staff, Talbert stated, “I don't think you could go to any county in Virginia and find any better employees than Buckingham County has.”

After the meeting, Kitchen told The Herald, “It's been fun.” He added, “And I've survived it all.”

When asked about that one meeting he missed, Kitchen explained that he was scheduled to have a medical procedure around 7 a.m. that morning. However, the doctor didn't come in until after 1 p.m.

Talking about his attendance record, Kitchen shared, “When you take a job, you are supposed to do it.”

Looking back on his tenure, Kitchen stated, “I've had a great run.” Then he asked, “Don't you agree?”

Kitchen said he is most proud of his record in looking out for the people. “I didn't cater to the special interest,” he stated. “I looked out for the people.”