PE School Music Was Stellar

Published 3:57 pm Thursday, December 29, 2011

Editor, The Herald:

I like all your articles emphasizing the good side of the Christmas season.

And speaking of the Christmas Spirit – it was bursting its buttons in the auditorium of PECHS on Thursday night as five bands of children performed:

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The Jazz Band.

The Beginning Band of PECMS.

The Intermediate Band of PECMS.

The Advanced Band of PECMS.

The High School Concert Band.

As a city-dweller I was happily amazed by the burgeoning musical talent in Farmville. Such joy and pride shown on the kids faces, for they were making music together with their peers. And it was good music, escalating in quality as the performers grew in experience, and age.

This concert was a remarkable accomplishment for the three band directors – Dr. Charles Kinzer, Ms. Jennifer Lasley, Mr. Jeff Lazenby. Isn't it a wonderful gift for PEC schools to offer musical opportunities to some 140 children! I compliment the Administration for the wisdom of providing music in the curriculum. Music encourages discipline and responsibility plus providing fun.

Merry Christmas

Anne R. Lower

A grandmother from Richmond