November 8 Could Be GOP Take Control Day

Published 4:16 pm Thursday, November 3, 2011

Turnout by voters on Election Day is expected to be moderate to heavy.

The anticipated turnout will make the votes of those who do show up to decide the immediate political future of the region and the state no less strong.

Locally, Buckingham, Cumberland, Farmville and Prince Edward will be selecting representation in the House of Delegates-there is competition only in a 59th District race that, locally, sees Buckingham voters among those choosing between Democrat Connie Brennan, Republican Matt Farris, and Independent Linda Wall.

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In the case of the State Senate, all three counties will join together in helping to decide between newcomers Bert Dodson, the Democrat, and Tom Garrett, the Republican to fill the new 22nd District Senate seat. This race is likely going to make a significant contribution in determining whether the Senate remains in Democratic hands or whether the GOP gains total control of state government, securing dominant power in the governor's mansion, the House of Delegates and the Senate, that trio aided by Republican lieutenant governor Bill Bolling's role as president of the Senate and tie-breaking vote in that chamber, when necessary.

Control of state government by one party and its policies could be the result of next Tuesday's election.

Consider well, especially in Buckingham, Cumberland and Prince Edward when it comes to the state senate race between Mr. Dodson and Mr. Garrett.

Then vote.