David Schmidt Accentuates Self-Worth

Published 3:42 pm Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Editor, The Herald:

A great deal of children are involved in the Prince Edward/Farmville Youth League Association, thus we are very fortunate to have support from so many adults who provide great leadership throughout the year. From the directors, to sponsors, volunteers, parents and children, we say thank you to all. Our children are enriched by lessons you teach them, and will carry this experience into their adulthood, proving that teams exist in all we do.

I want to recognize an individual that we all have had the pleasure of working with. He delivers the most positive attitude that encourages our children to perform their very best. It's not unusual for him to walk out on the field and work one-on-one with a child needing help. Whether it's showing them how to stand correctly, or how to hold a bat, he is always willing to help. Organizing the need of coaches and helpers is a key factor that helps him from the positive atmosphere he desires. He has always welcomed comments and suggestions from coaches, parents, volunteers or players, which gives us a feeling of teamwork and contribution. I have never seen him have a negative attitude toward any of our players. In fact, he builds their self-worth and development by contributing to their needs and skills.

Sports can benefit our children physically, mentally and socially. The leadership that he exhibits communicates to our children that there are great people within our midst that continue to create positive effects. Thank you David Schmidt for all you do!

Pam Hartley


Prince Edward