Christmas Mother Seeks Donations

Published 3:39 pm Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Editor, The Herald:

The Cumberland Christmas Mother campaign is seeking the help of the community to meet the many needs this year. We are having many requests from parents who are only asking for the basics-clothes and socks for their children. Of course, we would also like to be able to give each child a nice toy and stocking stuffers.

We realize that there are many requests for donations at this time of year, but we do need the community to help with our mission. Last year we served over 500 children, thanks to the many in the community who donated. It appears that we will have nearly that many requests for help again this year, but so far donations are not at the same level as they were last year. We are having a particularly difficult time getting clothing and toys for children ages 8-12.

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Thank you for those who gave so generously last year and to those of you who have assisted this year. If more of you can help, please send donations to Cumberland Christmas Mother, PO Box 33, Cumberland VA 23040 or call 804-492-3561 about donating toys.

The committee wishes each of you a happy holiday season as we all work to make the holiday a happy one for those in need.

Alice Metts

Cumberland Christmas Mother