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Published 5:23 pm Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sealed bids for construction of the Test Well Installation (the “Project”) in Burkeville, Virginia for the Hickory Hill Retirement Community (the “Owner”) will be received by the Hickory Hill Retirement Community at 900 Cary Shop Road, Burkeville, Virginia 23922, until 1:00 p.m., local prevailing time, on Tuesday, December 15, 2011. Bids will be opened publicly at that time.

The Project consists of development and construction for one (1) test well which will be used to provide water for a public water system to serve the retirement community in Burkeville, Virginia. The well will be constructed to the Virginia Department of Health requirements for Class II B wells. The estimated source capacity for the public water system is fifteen gallons per minute (15 g.p.m.).

Each Bidder will be required to submit a Bid Bond or certified cashiers check equal to five percent (5%) of his bid proposal. The Contractor to whom the contract is awarded will also be required to furnish Performance and Payment Bonds equal to 100% percent of the contract price and insurance certificates acceptable to the Owner at the time the contract is executed. Bidders are required under Title 54.1, Chapter 11 of the Code of Virginia to show evidence of Certificate of Registration before any bids may be received and considered.

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An optional pre-bid conference will be held at 10:00 a.m., local prevailing time, on Monday, November 21, 2011, at the Hickory Hill Retirement Community. This meeting will not be considered mandatory. Bidders will be held responsible for their bids and for all information pertaining to the conference. The project site will be available for inspection after the pre-bid meeting.

Plans, specifications, and contract documents are open to public inspection at the following locations:

1) Hickory Hill Retirement Community at 900 Cary Shop Road, Burkeville, Virginia 23922.

2) Hurt & Proffitt, Inc., 2524 Langhorne Rd., Lynchburg, VA, 24501.

3) Valley Construction News, 356 West Campbell Ave., Roanoke, VA, 24016.

4) Builder's Exchange, 3207 Hermitage Road, Richmond, VA 23227

A complete set of Bidding Documents (plans, specifications, and contract documents) may be obtained from Hurt & Proffitt, Inc., 2524 Langhorne Road, Lynchburg, VA 24501 (telephone 434-847-7796) upon non-refundable payment of $50.00 per set by check or money order. A complete set of documents for the Project may be downloaded free of charge from Include complete street and mailing address with zip code, telephone and fax number with area code, email, and contractor's license number, if applicable. No partial sets will be distributed. The contact person for the Project with Hurt & Proffitt, Inc. is Brian Cossman, PE, LEED AP.

The Owner may make such investigations as deemed necessary to determine the ability of the Bidder to perform the work, and the Bidder shall furnish to the Owner all such information for this purpose as the Owner may request. The Owner reserves the right to reject any bid if the evidence submitted by, or investigation of, such Bidder fails to satisfy the Owner that such Bidder is properly qualified to carry out the obligations of the agreement and to complete the work contemplated therein.

This project is being partially funded with Federal and State money made available through the Virginia Department of Health (VDH). The successful bidder must comply with all requirements and certifications as set forth in the Bidding Documents, including, but not limited to, President's Executive Order #11246 prohibiting discrimination in employment regarding race, color, religion, sex, or national origin; Executive Orders #12138 and #11625 regarding utilization of MBE/WBE firms by contractors and subcontractors in the performance of the contract; the provisions of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; the Davis-Bacon Act; and the affirmative action requirements as prescribed by the US Environmental Protection Agency's Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) rules. MBE/WBE firms are encouraged to bid. Bidders must provide certification that they do not or will not maintain or provide for their employees facilities that are segregated on the basis of race, color, creed, or national origin.

Authorized By: Thomas R. Farleigh, Secretary

Hickory Hill Retirement Community