True Value Expansion

Published 6:02 pm Thursday, October 27, 2011

CUMBERLAND – The owner of True Value Hardware in Cumberland County wishes to move his business operation into the old Marion's Buy-Rite building in the Court House area and a rezoning application that would allow this expansion was approved by the County's Board of Supervisors this month.

The Supervisors adopted a resolution amending Cumberland's zoning map for a portion of this property from residential (R-2) to business (B-1). The actual building is already zoned business-but the rezoning, according to Planning Director Bret Schardein, was needed for the parking area and space located directly behind the building.

Harry Upson, owner applicant, submitted the rezoning application request to the County.

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Once True Value expands, the property on Anderson Highway would be used for additional parking, greenhouses, a storage building, and to also store retail products, according to the request.

“The preliminary site plan calls for extending the existing porch on the front and side of the building to connect it and some additional paving and a parking lot in the rear of the building with 34 parking spaces,” noted Schardein to the Supervisors. “The existing parking lot up front would stay to connect it to the Exxon station and in the rear they'd have a gravel turn around and storage areas and greenhouses and storage shed and a carport for some storage and some…tanks. All of that would be screened by some evergreen shrubbery along the residential border to the west and the rest of that would be screened from the low elevation of Route 60.”

Afterwards, the Board held a public hearing on the rezoning application and there were no speakers signed up to address the Supervisors about the True Value expansion.

“I'd just like to add that it's a privilege to do the rezoning for a business that wants to add and expand and grow in Cumberland County,” offered Supervisor Bill Osl, District One, after the rezoning was approved.

Chairman Van Petty, District Three, added, “the adjoining property owners had no problem with this business coming… They were all in favor of it, which is good.”