Vote For Giuriceo For Sheriff

Published 4:07 pm Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Editor, The Herald:

I would like to take this opportunity to share my thoughts about Greg “Juice” Giuriceo, candidate for sheriff of Prince Edward County in the November 8th general election. Seldom do I get involved in politics of any kind but I think I should speak out for Mr. Giuriceo and the many positive attributes he has to offer Prince Edward County and its citizens.

Greg has 20 years of experience in law enforcement. During these years he has worked for Blackstone Police Department, Nottoway County Sheriffs Office, and Hampden-Sydney College Police Department. Each of these departments is highly diverse from each other. The duties and responsibilities of these departments are all unique and different; each requires different techniques to accomplish the job because the challenges of each can be very distinctive. Any officer who has experienced the day to day operations of more than one law enforcement department is obviously more qualified to deal with growing demands of today's society. It only stands to reason that being exposed to the many cultural, political, and situational differences between these areas qualifies Greg to be the most experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled candidate to carry the office of sheriff into a new and very challenging future.

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I have personally known Greg for his entire 20 year law enforcement career. I attended basic police academy with him in 1992 at the Central Virginia Criminal Justice Academy. For the last 10 years I have had the pleasure of serving with him as both fellow officer and as his supervisor. I can say with total confidence that you will not find another officer with more dedication to his profession. Greg is a very confident officer and possesses a very strong determination to complete any and every task he is assigned. He prides himself on always being prepared through continuous training and knowledge to handle successfully, and if need be, independently any incident he may face. Greg has an incredible desire to always better himself, his knowledge, and his department. Whenever his department needs him, he is always there. Whenever he is given an assignment I know with confidence it will get done without me having to look over his shoulder to make sure it is done right. Greg is constantly finding and suggesting new ideas to enhance our department and the people we serve. He is always eager to participate in any and all training opportunities that are presented to him. He is driven to be successful.

Greg has always been a “natural” at maintaining a positive, caring, and professional rapport with the citizens he serves in our jurisdiction. He treats people as he would want to be treated. Whether a person is a life-long friend or total stranger he treats everyone the same, with polite respect and compassion for those in need. This is a trait that any sheriff must have. His moral and ethical values are always very evident while on duty, off duty, and with family. His credibility and trustworthiness are second to none.

I have talked to Greg on many occasions throughout this campaign. It is obvious to me (and should be to anyone else who has talked to him) that his heart is completely into his mission of bringing the citizens of Prince Edward County the very best sheriff's office possible. I have heard the same rumors over and over that if elected, Greg plans to “fire all department employees” or he plans to fire “only certain employees”. I can promise and guarantee you these rumors are false! Greg has stated publicly many times that ALL sheriffs office employees who wish to remain employed if he becomes sheriff WILL have that opportunity. Now, that's not a rumor folks, that's a fact! You can find out for yourself by checking out his campaign website at and clicking on “Q&A”. Read it yourself, or feel free to ask him face to face.

Greg has commented on how he wishes he could meet each and every citizen in Prince Edward County during this election campaign. Unfortunately he knows this is not humanly possible. I can assure you he is making every effort to meet as many of you as he can. For those of you who supported him in the last election it was greatly appreciated. As he works hard to meet new people to gain even more support for this election, you can rest assured you have not been forgotten. Greg cares about every citizen in the county and his desire to become sheriff is for all the right reasons…you the citizens!

Mark Fowler