The Silly Season

Published 3:21 pm Tuesday, September 13, 2011

For every yin there is a yang and in an election year the beauty of October battles resiliently against the silly and often ugly season within its calendar of days.

October brings out the best in a year. Elections do otherwise, often bringing out some of the worst human traits, in addition to littering the sublime autumnal landscape with a proliferation of posters and political propaganda.

We walk toward our mailboxes in the evening, admiring the yellow, orange and red leaves around us, only to pull out political mailers that mock the season.

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Once inside our homes, we press a button to hear voice mails on the phone and listen, as we look through windows at the coloring of the world, to candidates elevate themselves to the level of a minor deity, while attempting to lower, by clever indirection, their opponent to the status of a major villain.

Let us hope that the battle for the 22nd District Senate seat and the three-way race for the House of Delegates in the 59th District set new standards of civility and restraint.

Or at least allow us to enjoy the view.