Virginia Is For Lovers (And For Spenders); Let The Embrace Begin

Published 9:03 am Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nearly $18 billion.

That is how much revenue the tourism industry generated in the Commonwealth of Virginia last year-$17.7 billion.

In addition to supporting 204,480 jobs, the Virginia Tourism Corporation announced in its just-released report, and providing more than $1.24 billion in state and local taxes in 2009.

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Each of those statistics is compelling food for thoughtful action to revitalize downtown Farmville, that rare downtown lucky enough to have a state park running, walking, and cycling right through it.

Combine a completed High Bridge Trail State Park with a revitalized downtown Farmville-and a completed R. R. Moton Museum just down Main Street-and it is hard to imagine the limits of success, as thousands of individuals come through downtown Farmville and are compelled by what they see to stop and stay and spend awhile.

The heart beating in economic development is inside those who are gainfully employed because of its success. That's what it's all about-raising the standard of living and quality of life in the community.

Keep the love coming.