Oh, The Sounds Of Little Feet

Published 8:56 am Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The pitter-patter of little feet scurried down the hallway in our Curdsville home. It has been a long time since such sounds bounced from the walls here, and it was pleasant enough to bring a smile.

Bounded, now there's a good term. There's a joy with each bounce. You probably can hear it if you listen closely.




It was almost in a leaping sort of rapid-fire cadence that soon faded away-it's the sound that things wouldn't be the same as they were yesterday.

Recently, we welcomed a new addition to the Chapman home that brought back memories and will assuredly change the already less than smooth operation that revolves around a ten-year-old.

Those pitter-pattering little feet mean early morning risings, special food, and cleanup detail. But, ah, such is the joys of adding a new puppy.

Patches is a (mostly) white and brown spotted ball of energy that weighs all of a few pounds. He loves bubbles, chewing at shoes, hovering around your feet, and playing tug-of-war with the jump rope.

He's learning some tough lessons, and we're re-learning some things.

For the wife and I, having a puppy inside again reminds us of our family dog we lost at nearly 14 last year, Max, and just how much joy he brought us.

One tends to forget certain nuances over time, remembering the later experiences over the former. Max, when full grown, was the smartest, most teachable dog I have ever had.

Ask him if he wanted to “go for a ride” and he would look at you with excitement and go to the back of the truck.

The wife would tell him to find me, and he would go scouring the yard.

He would fetch and learned to sit and lay down by the use of mere hand signals.

He would pick out his chew toy (a single black Reebok) out of a pile of shoes, usually bark only when he meant it, and lean his big head into my leg as a sign of affection.

He was everything a dog owner would love about a dog. I still miss him.

Patches has a long way to grow, of course-since he is still a puppy-and much to learn. I'm thankful he has helped me remember the joy Max brought us and know that he will bring his own unique addition to our home.

It sure is fun watching him bounce.