Brian Bates Will Stand With Us

Published 4:27 pm Thursday, August 18, 2011

Editor, The Herald:

This weekend, a “Meet and Greet” was held on behalf of VA 22nd Senate candidate Brian Bates. A lot of interesting facts were shared, some of which were intriguing as well as disconcerting. For instance, did you know:

• Dr. Bates is the only candidate that resides in our area. The other candidates are from Goochland, Amherst, and Lynchburg.

• Bates has raised 91% of his campaign funds from within his district. The other candidates have received over 85% of their funds from out of the district, with large donations from DC, Northern Virginia, Richmond – even as far away as Kentucky, South Carolina, and Florida! Two candidates have even raised $100,000! Why does a candidate need to raise thousands of dollars in contributions from hardworking people to win a seat that pays $18,000 a year?! Opposed to such antics, Brian Bates has stated consistently that he wants to run a clean, honest, and financially conservative campaign. The last thing we need is another politician whose interests are for the individuals that lined their pockets rather than the voters they are supposed to represent!

• It is estimated that only 5-6% of the voters will go to the polls on August 23rd, and most of the candidates are banking on the voters from Prince Edward, Cumberland, Buckingham, and Amherst staying away from the polls that day. They have even gone so far as to say that Lynchburg will decide who will represent the new VA 22nd District. I hope you will join me in proving these people wrong – I want to do whatever I can to make sure the people in rural Southside Virginia have a representative that will serve our interests – not just those of one city in the jurisdiction.

Virginia has open voter primaries, so no matter your party affiliation, we need you come to the polls and let your vote be heard on August 23rd! Rural Southside Virginia needs a representative that will stand for the voting constituents, so join me in voting for Brian Bates on August 23rd.

Christine M. Curry Ross