June Swooned When It Came To Rain And July Swelters

Published 3:45 pm Thursday, July 21, 2011

Farmville's precipitation deficit for the year grew last month, as rainfall continued its after-spring recession, and July has become an Easy-Bake Oven.

May there be no meteorological depression unless in the form of a gentle but generously wet tropical version, along with cooler temperatures to make the moisture in the ground remain there longer.

Despite a few thunderstorms, scattered about like random dreams in the night, there has been nothing like an actual rainy day since the Heart of Virginia Festival was in the forecast. In June or July.

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And a rainy day is what the area, the region and the state need. One a week.

According to the official National Weather Service measurements kept by WFLO, June's rainfall deficit was sizable-2.18 inches. Nothing like the deficits rolled up by both parties in Congress but it does get your attention. Or it should. Normal rainfall for the sixth month of the year is 4.29. Farmville received 1.45 inches of rain.

These thoughts, of course, are trickling toward the negotiations between the Town of Farmville and Prince Edward County to, we fervently hope, create a water authority that will build a pipeline from the Sandy River Reservoir to the Town's water treatment plant and, using the Town's infrastructure, possess the ability to provide this community with enough water, no matter what is in the forecast.