Vote For Bates On August 23rd

Published 3:31 pm Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Editor, The Herald:

“Virginia's Heartland Needs a Strong Voice in Richmond to Protect Our Interests”. Sound familiar? That's what Brian Bates, candidate for the Virginia Senate, 22nd district, plans to take with him if elected – a strong, pro-life, conservative voice.

Having previously lived in Buckingham County and having worked in a state agency in Buckingham County for more than 24 years, I am familiar with Brian Bates and his policies in local government. Brian has a strong, conservative emphasis on social and fiscal values. He understands the need for job creation in this area and has worked hard to bring jobs to the area. He understands current issues within state government such as the Virginia Information Technology Agency, known as VITA. I had the opportunity recently to question all five Republican Candidates about this issue and Brian Bates was the only candidate who was more than familiar with this issue. He knows that this has been one of the biggest messes that the State of Virginia has gotten into. The other candidates were either not aware of the issues or supported the concept. VITA has proven to be inefficient and nothing but a money pit for the State of Virginia. It has caused problems for the Department of Corrections, Division of Motor Vehicles and the Virginia State Police among other state agencies.

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I believe Brian Bates has a keen sense of issues within state government and will work hard to carry our voices, Virginia's Heartland, to Richmond. He is fair, fiscally responsible and knows the benefit of conservative values. I urge all those to vote in the Primary to be held on August 23 and to cast your vote for Brian Bates.

James Michael Perutelli