Rep. Hurt Is Complimented

Published 4:27 pm Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Editor, The Herald:

I attended the Town Hall Meeting at Hampden-Sydney College on April 11, hosted by The Wilson Center for Leadership. With over 100 people in attendance-Republicans and Democrats alike-it was a spirited affair.

Our new Congressman, Robert Hurt, was very forthright when he explained the current challenges our country faces. He answered questions in a straight-forward, no-nonsense manner, and he showed the utmost respect for every person who raised an issue of concern.

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He noted that our national debt is in excess of $14 trillion, and the projected deficit for this year is staggering. I appreciate the way Robert Hurt is thoughtfully working to cut spending in Washington, not by merely suggesting we drastically cut every program, but by uncovering and eliminating redundant and wasteful uses of our tax dollars.

And Congressman Hurt knows we cannot shed our economic woes simply by cutting government spending. People need money in their pockets-money they earn from employment-and I was pleased to hear that he is still very focused on jobs. When I see the empty storefront windows on the Main Streets of so many towns in Southside Virginia, and as I see the once thriving but now empty factory buildings sitting idle on the outskirts of towns like Farmville, I am so thankful that job creation is a major focus for Congressman Hurt.

At his Town Hall Meeting, Robert Hurt treated all of his constituents with respect and dignity, and he gave honest answers to challenging questions. He seems to truly be working to ensure that the legislative process is open and transparent to the people of the 5th District, and to the nation as a whole. Those I talked to after the meeting felt good about Congressman Robert Hurt and the job he is doing for our area.

Virginia Watson

Prince Edward