Patriot Day Is Applauded

Published 4:04 pm Thursday, April 21, 2011

Editor, The Herald:

The Cumberland Patriot Day Festival last Saturday was once again a lively celebration of heritage and patriotism. The speakers, musicians, vendors, and organizers provided a wonderful opportunity for visitors and residents alike to enjoy the talents and hospitality of the county.

The Cumberland Ruritan Club made this year's celebration especially memorable by presenting a large historical marker, honoring Carter Henry Harrison's first call for independence, in April of 1776, to be installed on the Courthouse lawn.

This plaque commemorates the first call for independence from Great Britain by a governmental body, as expressed in a speech given to the citizens of Cumberland by Carter Henry Harrison. The citizens then voted to instruct Harrison to carry his message to the Virginia Convention, which subsequently presented these resolutions to the Continental Congress. Cumberland County celebrates its civic pride in this historic event each April.

Organizing a large public event takes hundreds of hours of work over many months. This task is made even more challenging when weather forces a quick change in location. The organizations and individuals involved in Patriot Day did a marvelous job and deserve our congratulations and thanks. For myself, and my many cousins, I want to express gratitude to the people of Cumberland, and especially the Ruritan Club, for this remembrance of our ancestor and his love of community. We are proud to call Cumberland County home, no matter where we live.

Judith Harrison Smith