Multiple Gunshots, And Two Wounded

Published 5:24 pm Thursday, April 28, 2011

FARMVILLE – An Easter night gunfight during which multiple shots were fired wounded two, according to Farmville Police Chief Doug Mooney.

“At about 9:25 p.m. we started receiving multiple phone calls of shots fired at Parkview Gardens,” Mooney said during an interview with The Herald.

Officers responded and police located three people that were allegedly involved, according to the police chief, who added “and then we located two additional people who were at Southside Community Hospital with gunshot wounds.”

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In describing the incident, which the police chief said occurred in the “parking lot/street area,” Mooney explained, “Multiple gunshots were fired between two groups of people. The motive at this point is still under investigation, as well as whatever pending charges. We're still piecing together exactly what happened. We have talked to many witnesses-it is an apartment complex. And, again, the public support is exactly what's allowing us to get to the bottom of it.”

The police chief was grateful for public assistance.

“We did get a lot of help on this case,” he said.

Listening to recordings of the E-911 calls from that night, Chief Mooney said, “it's nice when you get multiple calls and they're trying to give you as much information as they can.”

And, considering what might have happened with multiple gunshots being fired in such a public area, the police chief said, “thankfully it was later (in the evening). There wasn't a lot of people outside that could have gotten hit” by bullets.

The gunshots were actually audible downtown, according to Chief Mooney, who said one police officer heard the bullets being fired while he was leaving the police department.

“The call was coming out and he'd heard them and he was already starting that way (to respond),” Chief Mooney said.

“Not something you really want to have happen,” the police chief observed, “but it's nice when you get to the bottom of it and nobody did get killed…”

Of the two people that were shot, Chief Mooney said on Wednesday that one “remains in the hospital. One was treated and released.”