Curdsville Sheppards and New Store

Published 4:27 pm Thursday, April 28, 2011

April 28 – Two Gold Rings and the Legend of Tall Tree is the name of a book that came out about a month ago, written by Charlottesville native, Thomas D. Payne Sr. I have known him well for many years, married into the same family and we call him Tuck. About three years ago, when he was 84 years old, he called me to say that he had become a poet. He said he woke up one night for the urge to write. He sent me a poem once or twice a month.

For a while I could answer his poem with one of mine, but he soon got way ahead of me. He wrote about such things as going to the beach and having beautiful girls rub sun tan lotion on his back. (I did say he was 84). There was a poem about yard sales, one or two about getting older.

When the poems no longer came, I called to ask why. That is when he said he was writing a book, in fact notes for three books. I know him as a golfer, hunter, fisherman, and football fan. Now at age 87 he has become an author. I have read the book, it's a good read, one review gave it five stars.

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Here again we are shown that life can surprise us at any time. I was certainly surprised at what Tuck has done, but no more surprised than he. The message here can be don't stop looking for what tomorrow might bring. You could be the next new author. Tuck's wife was the late Ella Senger from Sheppards.