CRC Bylaws Change Sought

Published 4:05 pm Tuesday, April 19, 2011

BUCKINGHAM – Although much of their April 11 meeting focused on the proposed $42.4 million budget for FY12, supervisors did have other items on their agenda that needed to be addressed.

Board Requests Revision to CRC Bylaws

After a discussion on the board's representative to the Commonwealth Regional Council, supervisors agreed Vice Chairman Danny LeSueur would continue to serve in that capacity.

However, when no board members volunteered to serve as the alternate, County Administrator Rebecca Carter suggested they might want to request a revision in CRC bylaws that would allow a member of town council to serve when towns comes under the CRC umbrella of their host counties.

“The town is under our blanket policy,” explained Carter, noting that current CRC bylaws stipulate the representative must be from the board of supervisors.

Mary Hickman, CRC's acting president and CEO, advised that the county as a CRC member could propose a change in the bylaws.

Subsequently, LeSueur led with a successful motion to request CRC consider a revision in its bylaws that would authorize boards of supervisors to appoint representatives from their boards and/or members of town councils for towns under a respective county's membership.


Responding to a request by Zoning Administrator/Planner Rebecca Cobb and the planning commission for a joint work session, the board agreed to meet with the commission on May 16 at 7 p.m.

Cobb said Cityscape Consultants would be on-hand to discuss the legalities, legislation, procedures, and timeframes involved when dealing with cell towers.

Wetland Agreement Approved

Reminding supervisors that at their March 22 meeting they postponed acting on contracts for the purchase of wetland and stream mitigation credits, County Attorney E. M. Wright advised he and Mike Markley, utilities director, recently met with Supervisor John Kitchen to discuss the matter.

During that March 22 meeting, Wright said construction of the new water plant would require flooding more land than previously anticipated. In turn, the county, in compliance with state and federal regulations, must purchase wetland and stream mitigation credits. Noting the purchases would be covered in the project's budget, Wright said the contracts included $503,240 for wetland credits and another $230,740 for stream credits.

At Monday night's meeting, Wright explained that it probably was necessary to enter into the agreements in order to move forward with the project.

He asked that if supervisors agreed to the purchases they authorize Markley to sign the contracts with the condition that the price not exceed the terms presented.

Before making the successful motion to approve the contracts, Kitchen offered that the situation was a perfect example of the Golden Rule. “They've got the gold and we have to play by the rule,” he stated.

Resolution for Lorene Hutcherson

After County Administrator Carter read a resolution in memoriam for the Reverend Dr. Lorene Booker Hutcherson, Supervisor Joe Chambers presented the resolution to members of the family.

According to the resolution, after Reverend Hutcherson retired from Central Piedmont Action Council with 33 years of service, she continued to serve this community as an effective advocate for its people. She was also a beloved and respected spiritual leader in her church and other religious organizations.

Chambers offered, “We thank God that this woman served in this county. She was a great blessing to us.”

VDOT Report

Although a representative from the Virginia Department of Transportation did not attend the April meeting, a report was included in the board packet.

According to that report, maintenance activities for the next 30 days will include patching in advance of paving schedules, preparing for mowing, and answering customer service requests.

In the report's traffic studies/special requests section, VDOT, responding to a request for EQUESTRIAN signs, will install signs south of Route 635, Elcan Road, for southbound traffic, and approximately 0.6 miles south of Route 635, Buckingham Springs Road, for northbound traffic.

Additionally, WINDING ROAD signs and 30 m.p.h. advisory signs will be placed on Route 608, Elcan Road. SLOW MOVING FARM VEHICLE signs with NEXT 1.5 MILES supplemental plaques will be erected on Route 654, Black Mountain Road, for northbound and southbound traffic.

Resolution of Appreciation

With a unanimous vote, supervisors approved a resolution of appreciation for the Honorable Richard S. Blanton, who retired on March 31 after 16 years of service as Judge of the 10th Judicial Circuit Court of Virginia.

“He did an excellent job,” shared Chairman Bill Talbert.

Kitchen Offers Clarification

Referencing a February discussion on a change order for the sewer system at the new county administration complex, Supervisor Kitchen clarified that the board was not informed about a possible change order prior to its June 28 vote on bids for the construction project.

In Other Board Action

Chairman Talbert agreed to serve as the board's representative on the county's comprehensive services board.

Supervisors postponed action on a livestock claim until the animal control officer reviews photos related to that claim.

Concurring with a recommendation by the transportation committee, supervisors tasked the county administrator to seek RFPs, request for proposals, for servicing and repairs of the county's solid waste vehicles.

With a motion from Chambers and a second by Kitchen, the board approved a request from Ellis Acres Park to waive fees associated with connecting to the county's sewer system.

The board also agreed to a request by the Buckingham County Lions Club to waive building inspection fees and permit fees associated with Buckingham County Day, planned for Saturday, May 14.

During her report to the board, County Administrator Carter advised that the Buckingham County Farm Bureau would be discontinuing its funding of the coyote bounty program effective June 30.

Carter also referenced a letter to the board from Christy Christian, treasurer, about exploring the process of selling delinquent real estate for the purpose of collecting past due taxes.

In her letter, Christian explained, “My intent is not to sell homes but to sell properties where no one resides.” She added, “Collection of these delinquent taxes may make the reduced federal and state funding a little more bearable for our locality.” She concluded, “Again, I intend to gather as much information as possible and report to you prior to proceeding with any legal action.”

At the conclusion of business, Chairman Talbert recessed the meeting until Monday, April 25, 7 p.m., when supervisors will consider adoption of the proposed FY12 budget.