Published 4:30 pm Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 31 – “Faith is believing that after winter comes the spring.”

Spring is a beautiful time of the year, blooming flowers, budding of trees, planting of gardens and full of surprises like this past Sunday morning when we woke up to snow on the grass and trees. Be prepared because you never know.

The Prospect Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary will hold their biannual Twice As Nice Children's Consignment Sale April 8-9 at the Prospect Fire House. For more information contact Pat Foster: 574-6538 or 547-4412; or Linda Franklin: 574-6579 or 547-5037.

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Birthday wishes for Lois Gager and Andy Burton. Their birthdays were March 29. Also to Brady Noblin. of Chesapeake. whose birthday is April 4, he shares a birthday with his grandmother Betty Noblin.

Doug Thibault and Crystal Ragland are looking forward to their upcoming trip to Houston, TX, for the Final Four. They would like to thank their neighbors for looking after their house while they are gone.

Mrs. Caroline Nowlin, from Powhatan, met with Mrs. Pat Smith for lunch at Merk's on Wed.

The ladies of Calvary Chapel Farmville held a women's brunch on Sat. Mrs. Rosie Lapp presented a Lesson on the book of Ruth.

William Whitter enjoyed the visit by the Rev. and Mrs. William “Bill” (Jane) Clark March 20.

Mrs. Flora Bolt, Mr. and Mrs. Steve (Teri) Bolt, and Garland Woodson had lunch at Shoney's on Sunday. They always enjoy their times together.

Lewis Brandt filled the pulpit at Appomattox P.E. Presbyterian Church at Tuggle last Sunday, following the service he and his wife visited Ray Kelsey at Holly Manor.

Mrs. Peggy Kelsey, Mrs. Kim Shumaker, Debra Sue Shumaker and Mrs. Betty Shumaker traveled to Southampton where they attended the baseball game between Prince Edward JV team and the Southwmaker was the pitcher for the Prince Edward JV team.

Steve Bolt took his mother, Flora Bolt to Charlottesville on Tuesday to see her doctor. The doctor said her foot was almost well and she could go back to her regular shoes and activities.

Ms. Linda Abernathy, of Utah, honored her mother, Estelle Abernathy and Aunt Rachel Abernathy Paulson Pearson for their 90th birthday with a dinner party at Brian's Steak House in South Hill this past Saturday afternoon. Estelle's birthday is in April and Rachel's birthday was in February. Kin from all sides of the family as well as friends were present for this very special occasion. The Chenault/Paulson present were: Mr. and Mrs. Richard (Margaret) Stockton, Mr. and Mrs. Bill (Lucy) Aiken of Rustburg, Mrs. Jean Derrenbacker of Richmond, Mrs. Gwen Paulson of Chester, Mr. and Mrs. Gene (Frances Ann) Motley and Rion of Hampton. A good time was had by all present. Estelle was telling us she and Rachel both 90 are in the same church and there is a lady in the church who is 92. They are all still driving their cars.

Family, friends and neighbors are sending special get well wishes to all those who are sick at this time. Ray Kelsey and Linda W. Campbell are in need of your special prayers.

Appomattox P.E. Presbyterian Church at Tuggle invites everyone to Sunday School at 10 a.m. with worship at 11 a.m. Rev. Chuck Klotzberger will fill the pulpit this Sunday.

The membership of Davis Memorial Presbyterian Church at Prospect invites you to come and worship with them every Sunday; Sunday School is at 10 a.m. with worship at 11 a.m. Harlan Austin will be in the pulpit this Sunday.

Calvary Chapel-Farmville invites you to worship with them on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. Calvary Chapel-Farmville is located at 45 Simpson Road in Prospect, two miles west of Dowdy's Corner just off of US 460.

Happy Birthday is wished to all those having April birthdays, your flower is the sweet pea and you birthstone is the diamond. Those I know having April birthdays are: Emma Schulz of Glen Allen (1), Betty Noblin (4), Pat Smith (6), Eloise Tucker (8), Gordon Johnson (9), Frances S. Turner (10), Helen McCraw (10), Barbara Hardinge (11), Emily Roach (14), Linda Martin of Blackstone (15), Mary Jo Stockton (17), Nannie Hedricks (17), Brenda Irving (17), Edwina Covington (18), George W. Moore, Jr (19), Peggy S. Kelsey (22), Polly S. Duncan (22), Sue Franklin (25), Betty Mull (27), Frances Swalley (27), Rhonda Distler of Burkeville (28) and Debra Sue Shumaker (29).

Happy Anniversary is wished to all those celebrating in April.

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