Stop PE's Water Project

Published 4:25 pm Thursday, March 24, 2011

Editor, The Herald:

P.E. County Citizens Take Note!

An estimated $30,000.000 water project is being developed by your Board of Supervisors that could cost you a lot of money in taxes.

It is a water project PE County does not need, with nearly $2,000,000 of county funds spent for engineering analysis, plus $2,500,000 already spent to purchase water lines to The Manor resort.

At a March 17th, 2011 Board of Supervisors meeting it was stated that several communities were on board to buy water from the Sandy River Water Project, but no proof of this was provided.

The majority of Prince Edward citizens will not have access to the water but will pay for it with county taxes. There are other, better ways of doing what is proposed as stated by Board Member Jim Wilck.

I encourage Prince Edward citizens to come to the next meeting scheduled for April 12 at 7PM with a bag full of questions regarding this project and how it will affect your taxes.

Help put a stop to this project.

John Hagedorn