PECHS Has Bomb Threat

Published 4:16 pm Tuesday, March 8, 2011

PRINCE EDWARD – The County's High School received a bomb threat Friday and students and staff were evacuated following the emergency evacuation plan.

“…This was a hand-written message on a window inside the building and the person who did it…,” Division Superintendent Dr. David Smith alleged Monday morning, “was caught shortly after that.”

He agreed that they have to take all threats as credible offering, “We don't play games with any kind of threat.”

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Students were evacuated to the track-soccer field area and stayed there until the sheriff's department gave the “all clear” after they had searched the building, Dr. Smith said.

That took, he reflected, no more than an hour.

When the students came back into the building, they went to lunch and resumed their regular schedule for the remaining part of the day, the superintendent said.

Letters were sent home informing parents and guardians of the threat at the high school and the response with children on Friday.

Students relaying a bomb threat face possible administrative discipline as well as possible criminal charges.