Published 2:56 pm Thursday, January 20, 2011

Maysville Presbyterian Church, hereafter referred to as the Church, of 12945 West James Anderson Highway, Buckingham, Virginia 23921 is notifying the public that the Church has applied for a Permit for the Archaeological Removal of Human Remains. The Church intends to relocate an undetermined number of marked and unmarked graves in an area immediately north of the church building in order to facilitate the construction of an addition in that area. It has been determined that there is no alternative location on the church property for this construction project. It is believed that there are 9 graves that will be impacted; however there is a possibility that there may be some unmarked graves in the vicinity as well. The known graves to be relocated and the date of each, where known, are those of: Capt. John W. Fisher, Nannie E. Hall (1922), Thomas B. Hall (1911), Mary M. Patteson, Samuel C. Patteson, Mary Parrack (1881), Thomas Parrack (1880), Segub H. Parrack (1851), Ann L. Miles (1851). The relocation of the graves will be conducted under the direction of a professional archaeologist from Longwood University. The relocation is expected to be conducted between February 28, 2011 and April 15, 2011. All human remains that are recovered will be reinterred in the church cemetery and the Church invites comments from interested parties on this.

The public has a right to request a public meeting with the Church and its archaeologist in order to express their views on this intended relocation of the graves. Anyone who wishes to review the complete application for the archaeological removal of human remains or to request a public meeting may do so by contacting Margaret Thomas of the Maysville Presbyterian Church at P.O. Box 102, Buckingham, VA 23921, 434-969-3292. The complete application may also be viewed at the Virginia Department of Historic Resources by contacting Joanna Wilson Green, Easement Program Archaeologist, 2801 Kensington Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 23221 (telephone 804-367-2323 extension 140). The deadline for receipt of any comments is February 18, 2011.


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