Election Cycle Begins

Published 4:16 pm Thursday, January 13, 2011

PRINCE EDWARD – Time will tell whether Prince Edward County Sheriff Travis Harris will run. He hasn't quite nailed down a decision. However he said last week he is “pretty much sure I'm not going to.”

Deadlines may be a bit askew this year after the census. The only real certainty may be election day is November 8. The primary date? Well, that will be in the hands of the General Assembly but, looking back to elections after census year history and the redistricting work that takes place at local and state levels, the primary is not held in June as normal but rather pushed further down the calendar road.

It is an important year in local election cycles. Races on the November ballot include those for sheriff, commissioner of revenue, commonwealth's attorney, and treasurer.

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Each of the other current Prince Edward office holders, contacted this week, affirmed their intention to run this fall.

“Absolutely,” Commonwealth's Attorney James R. Ennis said when asked if he intended to run.

Ennis was elected to his first full term in 1991.

Likewise, County Treasurer Mable Shanaberger confirmed plans to run this fall.

“…I plan to,” confirmed Ms. Shanaberger. “Yeah, right now I plan to run-hopefully with no opposition, but whatever.”

She offered that she enjoys it and there are things she would like to get done.

“…You know I am,” Commissioner of Revenue Beverly Booth said, when asked if she intended to run for re-election. “I love my job, I really, really do. So, yes, I do plan on running again.”

Ms. Booth was elected for her first term in 2007.

The remaining constitutional office in Prince Edward-circuit court clerk-is not on the ballot this year. Clerks are elected to eight-year terms. The current clerk, Machelle Eppes, was elected in 2007.