Free Clinic Was Wonderfully Supported

Published 5:06 pm Thursday, November 18, 2010

Editor, The Herald:

In appreciation of the support of a community…

Auctions are a fun way to spend your day. They are a cultural experience, a history lesson, and shop 'til you drop and a sporting event all rolled into one. All types of people interact with each other. Items, new and old, are on display. Competition ebbs and flows as bidders count the cost and give in or go for it. Saturday, November 6 was such a day. Culture, fun, competition, and even a few reunions mixed together to provide fun and funds that will begin to change a community…to bring the dream of The Heart of Virginia Free Clinic into reality. As I watched and participated I saw…

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A farmer's wife give over 100 DVD's and movies away and then turn around and be one of the most active bidders and buyers of the day.

A school teacher buy most of the movies for her school's use.

Another school teacher donate her collection of Dicken's Christmas village buildings.

A retired nurse was all over town collecting donations of tapestry, soft drinks, furniture and tools from merchants and her neighbors and even money from her church to buy meat for the stew.

The owner of a home health agency donate a mobility scooter and work for hours tagging items the night before the auction.

My friend in the wheelchair donate her grandmother's silver.

A college student bring his Amish friends and spend all day auctioneering and even donating pies and cakes from the Amish ladies at home.

The minister buy donated hotel stays to save her church travel expenses.

The grandmother spend days collecting donations of teddy bears, Beanie Babies, then convince her wonderful son to help run the auction.

The English teacher now a school administrator/minister allow the gym to be used for the auction then bring her whole family who wind being the most active bidders at the auction.

The beloved retired surgeon arrive and give hugs, smiles, handshakes and a mighty donation.

The disabled physician arrive and donate a vehicle to be auctioned and then when it did not sell he made a mighty donation to make up for what it was worth.

The magistrate and college accountant were cashiers for the day.

The widow donated and brewed coffee and prayed without ceasing all day.

The nurse and her missionary husband cook half of the night and all day to make a huge caldron of stew.

The Vietnam veteran cooked a marvelous barbecue.

The antique dealer bring a load of priceless treasures.

The Amish bring a street buggy to auction that the old ER nurse almost bought.

The hairdresser donate her receptionist desk.

Another hairdresser donate a big bag of cosmetics.

The mental health administrator gather several hotel stays from the mountains to the beach to auction.

The home girl who now works at a travel agency in Raleigh arranged for a trip to Aruba to be donated.

The ER doctor who moved away donated a week at his time share at Disneyworld.

The disabled Home Health nurse coordinated publicity and multitasked herself to the bone to see that all went smoothly.

The grocery store manager/collector extraordinaire hauled, lifted, packed, repacked, and spotted for the auctioneers and even allowed his wife to buy just about anything she wanted.

The college health nurse who worked 2 solid days lifting, packing, setting up, and then bought a car full of items to take home.

The cafe owner who donated some of the best pies and rolls ever cooked.

The children of an old ER nurse work all day helping their mom and her friends set up the auction.

The antique collector who consigned 4 vanloads of furniture, tools, and toys.

The church office workers who helped many times provide copies and help with coordination.

The county commissioner donate her Longaberger baskets and beautiful rugs and pictures.

The Kiwanis Club member drive his big truck all day to help haul items to the gym.

The retired policeman who helped lift and haul items for two solid days.

The artist who donated two fine landscapes that everyone wanted.

The cancer survivor buy the donated YMCA membership.

The old ER nurse and her friends, new and old, working together as never before…as volunteers to improve the access to health care for the uninsured in a community that so desperately needs it.

Thank God for nurses, doctors, ministers, church members, artists, and believers who put their faith in action to make a difference. A difference that will change lives, change the community, and honor our Creator whose will has and always will be to relieve suffering, help the poor, and lift us up.

Thank all who helped. Thank the Farmville Herald, the Southside Messenger, WFLO, and WVHL for their generous help with publicity. Thank New Life Christian Academy for letting us use the gym.

Thank the auction committee for months of hard work. Thank Ben Clark, Michael MacEachran, and our Amish friends for their marvelous auctioneering.

Thank every donor for your generosity.

Thank God for great weather and the blessings of His Holy Spirit.

Grace and peace to you all.

Pat Payne, RN

Board Secretary

Heart of Virginia Free Clinic