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Hurt Is Change That We Need

Editor, The Herald:

The November election is about national issues, not local ones, as most Democrats running for office try to make it.

The present administration came to power promising “hope and change.” With a majority in both House and Senate, a 2,000 page health care bill was passed that practically no one read before its passage. Everyone will have some form of health care, with no additional costs even though about 32 million people will be added. We are told this can be, because of savings that will be made. Mandatory coverage is required. If you don't buy it, fines and/or jail time can occur, which is likely unconstitutional. If it proves to be constitutional, there is no limit to what the government can demand that we do, “for our own good” of course.

A massive amount of money (almost a trillion dollars) was appropriated – “The Stimulus” – to spend us out of the hole that President Bush allegedly caused. How to pay for this? Borrow it from China, and/or pass this debt on to our descendants: we can't pay for it.

The House passed Cap and Trade, which was an effort to make us “green,” and would save us from ourselves and from buying oil from overseas (instead of drilling for what is under us.)

These are signature bills of the Democratic administration. Remember the summer just past? That was to be “The Summer of Recovery.” The jobless rate is still over 9%. So the administration must continue to fix it. “Recovery is just in sight: be patient, while we regulate some more, spend some more, tax some more” is the Democratic message.

The federal government doesn't know how to create jobs – that's the job of business in a free economy, especially small businesses. This administration knows how to spend money it doesn't have, with promises that it's programs, regulations, and taxes will fix all problems that that mere throwing money at it won't cure.

We, in the 5th District, must decide whether we want to continue down this road. If so, vote for Congressman Tom Perriello who has voted for all of these bills.

If not, vote for Robert Hurt, a Republican who believes in limited government, lower taxes, and letting small businesses do what only they can do: create jobs by producing a product that people will buy, without having to deal with increasing government intervention.

I will vote for Robert Hurt because I believe he represents the kind of change we really need.

William N. Clark