Don't Be A Gullible By Stander

Published 4:30 pm Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Editor, The Herald:

It was pleasing to read a recent letter writer's take on the Perriello and Clark debate, specifically his recognition for the need to respect different political ideologies (09/22/10). In contrast, another letter to the editor on that same date claimed to know a certain truth about political stances when he suggested that the 'Tea Partiers' are somehow brainwashed into their own ideologies. He stated that “the ideas that they carry around in their heads have been carefully placed there by people profiting from that misinformation.”

This position is simplistic, albeit ironic, in the parallelism that could be applied to the ideas held by many Americans who believe that big government is necessary. Our political worldviews are usually birthed in and evolve during upbringing and may change or mature dependent on particular life experiences and intellectual attitudes. We all have the God-given rights and responsibilities to be active participants rather than passive and gullible bystanders, the latter being suggestive of the letter writer's opinion about the tea party movement.

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The New Yorker story that the applauds and advocates for conservative reading is fine, but is anybody concerned about the power of George Soros? Respectfully, I shall decide, pursue, and hold onto literature and ideas that I feel are consequential. To start, The Constitution of the United States comes to mind, although it appears to be a document not so comprehensive these days for far too many United States citizens (Tea Party excluded).

Lynne Lunsford