Perriello Has Been Courageous

Published 6:02 pm Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Editor, The Herald:

As Election Day draws nearer, I'd like to remind my fellow Southside Virginians of our Congressman Tom Perriello's courage in sticking to his beliefs in Washington. Tom has opened fresh dialogue and helped find new solutions for problems many of us have struggled with for years.

Rather than read from a party script, Tom looks beyond labels and respects the many varied and passionate viewpoints held by Fifth District residents. Looking at Tom's votes and listening to what he actually says (rather than the labels slapped on him by his opponents) reveals a man of rare conviction. For example, Tom's work on the following issues, among others, has helped transform our public policy:

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1. Fiscal Responsibility: Tom knows that balancing the budget is crucial to America's long-term financial health. Thus, Tom broke with his party in voting to block $350 billion in bailout money to Wall Street, and in opposing the President's budget on the grounds that the budget did not do enough to reduce the size of the deficit.

2. Promoting a Culture of Life: Tom's insistence that federal health care legislation include no funding for abortions emphasizes his support for building a culture of life in this country. In addition, thanks to Tom's work on health care legislation, the federal adoption tax credit already has been increased by $1,000.00.

3. Second Amendment Rights: Tom is a proven supporter of the rights of hunters and other gun owners. For example, Tom is a co-sponsor of the National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Bill, H.R. 197, which would allow any person with a valid state issued concealed firearm carrying permit to carry a concealed firearm in any state, and of the Hunting Heritage Protection Act, H.R. 3046, which protects the right of hunters to access public lands.

I don't always agree with Tom, but I'm impressed by his honesty and the way he makes decisions based on what he believes is right. If you want someone working for you in Washington, who does what he says he will do, rather than saying one thing and then doing another, please join me in supporting Tom Perriello this November 2.

Laura Keohane