Loggers Load For Miracles

Published 4:30 pm Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BUCKINGHAM – Tractor-trailers hauling logs are an everyday sight in this rural area where loggers are an integral part of the community.

However, many of their neighbors are unaware that along with tree harvesting and hauling, some of these loggers are working to raise funds to help hospitalized children. They are part of a national program of the forestry industry, Log-A-Load for Kids.

Recently, loggers from Buckingham and surrounding communities in Central and Southside Virginia parked their trucks, shut-down their logging equipment, and picked up their golf clubs-and encouraged others to do so-to raise funds for the Children's Miracle Network.

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Since 1996, area loggers and others connected to the forestry industry have worked in conjunction with the Log-A-Load program to sponsor an annual golf tournament. This year's event was held on April 30, at the Winton Country Club in Amherst, Virginia, where the tournament has been held since its inception.

As in the past, their efforts proved successful bringing in $15,266 to help fuel the efforts of the Children's Miracle Network of Lynchburg.

With a mission of raising funds to provide vital medical equipment for the neonatal and pediatric units of Virginia Baptist Hospital, the Children's Miracle Network of Lynchburg also uses donations to provide neonatal transport vans and recreational equipment to make hospital stays more child friendly.

According to Jack Whisler, of the Children's Miracle Network, Buckingham's E. E. Talbott, of Talbott Wood Products, plays a major role in soliciting sponsors for the Log-A-Load Golf Tournament.

“E. E. has been the driving force of the committee in gaining the largest number of sponsors,” said Whisler. “He was presented the 2010 Outstanding Volunteer for Log-A-Load for Kids Award at a recent convention of the Virginia Loggers Association.”

However, Talbott eagerly gives the credit for the tournament's success as a substantial fundraiser to the businesses and individuals who support it.

“I want to thank all of the 55 generous businesses from Drakes Branch to Buckingham who continue to support this worthy cause year after year,” stated Talbott.

It's almost impossible to say the words Log-A-Load for Kids without conjuring up images of tractor-trailers and loggers. Likewise, the words Children's Miracle Network bring to mind the role medical professionals and hospitals play in the treatment of babies and children.

Working together, they are harvesting miracles of health and healing for local infants and kids. And, knock on wood, their partnership will continue.