Buckingham Library Has Many Friends

Published 4:30 pm Thursday, August 26, 2010

Editor, The Herald:

On Saturday, Aug. 21, the Buckingham County Friends of the Library continued the Friends' tradition of community outreach by hosting the Children's Summer Festival at the Buckingham County Branch Library.

The Friends were aided in providing a fun and educational experience for participants by an extraordinary group of professionals who volunteered their time and talents. Mrs. Winnie Adams captured young participants' imaginations with stories and poems. John Staton, ventriloquist and State Farm agent, and his friend, Percy, entertained the children with a song and a slightly different telling of “Little Red Riding Hood.” Mrs. Sarah Letterman exercised bodies and voices with a musical playtime that was delightful.

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The day would not have been complete without creative face-paintings by Mrs. Carlene Snoddy and Ms. Julie Shield. Anthony DeMarco of Antscape Photography provided each child participant with a souvenir photograph courtesy of the Friends of the Library. There were fresh grilled hot dogs, homemade cookies, and drinks for everyone.

The Friends of the Library thank all of the community professionals who participated in making this event a success again this year. Also, thanks to all of those members of the Friends of the Library who helped make this event happen. It was a lot of fun for everyone who attended.

Martha E. Chappell,

President, Buckingham County

Friends of the Library, Inc.