Prince Edward County Property Transfers: November 2022

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Prince Edward County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of November. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Mark A. Hamilton to William E. Hurt, Lots, Town of Farmville. $290,000.

• Sherry L. Gauldin to Thomas Vincent Taylor, 13.48 AC, Lockett District. $41,000.

• JCM III, LLC AKA to Robert Wayne Wooten, 59.83 AC, Leigh District. $110,685.50.

• Fred D. Jones to Plummer N. Jones. Deed Gift.

• Piedmont Habitat for Humanity to Joshua Lee Hess, .22 AC, Town of Farmville. $145,500.

• Michael Papandrea to Layne Street Property LLC, 2.667 AC, Town of Farmville. $66,000.

• Felicia King to Vannareth Kem, 37.62 AC, Leigh District. $54,000.

• Vannareth Kem to Vannareth Kem. Deed Gift.

• Clara G. Johnson, Conservator to Matthew Townsend, 2.10 AC, Prospect District. $225,000.

• Paul T. Campbell to Walter Berryman Glasock; Trus. Deed Gift.

• Ke’andra Jennings to Demarcus Kemp, .22 AC, Town of Farmville. $139,950.

• Rickey Ferguson to Richard K. Spittle, 7.03 AC, Leigh District. $5,000.

• Sterling Investments, LLC to CMH Homes, INC, Lots, Farmville District. $120,000.

• Sterling Investments, LLC to CMH Homes, INC, 1.90 AC, Hampden District. $25,000.

• Statewide Realty Company to CMH Homes, INC, 2.63 AC, Hampden District. $16,900.

• Rodney L. Morris to CMH Homes, INC, 2.38 AC, Hampden District. $16,900.

• SLMS, LLC to Michael C. Lucas, .49 AC, Farmville District. $135,000.

• Lofton Leasing LLC to Lynnside II LLC. Deed Gift.

• Patrick Patterson to Patrick Patterson Jr. Deed Gift.

• DLT Properties, LLC to Rita D. Delaney. $35,000.

• Brian T. Atkins to Ever Green Team. Deed Gift.

• Sterling Investments, LLC to Ever Green Team. Deed Gift.

• Sterling Investments, LLC to Ever Green Team. Deed Gift.

• Sterling Investments, LLC to Ever Green Team. Deed Gift.

• Ernest Lee Coleman Jr. to Ernest Lee Coleman Jr. Deed Gift.

• Charles Tuck Wilkerson to Charles James Wilkerson. Deed Gift.

• Pembelton Homes LC to Todd Rosen, 2 AC, Leigh District. $250,000.

• Samuel S. Phillips to Ernest Howard, 3 AC, Lockett District. $384,900.

• Charles Parker Wingfield Jr. to Jonathan D. Kuhn, 5.66 AC, Hampden District. $174,000.

• Jesse T. Boyer to Sterling River Properties LLC. Deed Gift.

• Jesse T. Boyer to Sterling River Properties LLC. Deed Gift.

• Phyllis K. Fulcher to Jonathan T. Faircloth, Lots, Prospect District. $87,154.

• Robert A. Browning to LKA Properties LLC, Lots, Town of Farmville. $188,500.

• Sterling Investments, LLC to Juana Bugg, Lot, Hampden District. $20,000.

• Clayton R. Worrell to Angela W. Clements. $35,000.

• F Paul Hemler; Co-Trustee to The President and Trustee of, 1 AC, Hampden District. $603,250.

• Frances R. Albro; Co-Trustee to James W. Garnett Jr., Lot, Lockett District. $495,000.

• The President and Trustees of to Sterling Investments, LLC, Lots, Hampden District. $543,795.

• Jaime L. Huggard to Brett C. Martz, Lots, Town of Farmville. $265,000.

• John H. Meeks to Eugene R. Davis, 1.38 AC, Prospect District. $215,000.

• Joyce Paige Eggleston to Robert Richard Michael Jr., 2.30 AC, Lockett District. $24,000.

• Sterling Investments, LLC to Edward E. Rogerville. $82,000.

• Whitney A. Simpson to Ronald Alda Carrol. $240,000.

• Christopher Tressler to Alexander S. Huggard. $299,900.

• Anthony Q. Ellington to Crigger, 3.49 AC, Lockett District. $87,000.

• Henry Kyle Midkiff III to Stephen King Childres, Lots, Leigh District. $405,000.

• Rosemary S. Young to Frank S. Spradley Jr., 8.26 AC, Leigh District. $5,287.31.

• Forethought Life Insurance Com to Carlotta Ann Jones, 4.46 AC, Leigh District. $84,500.

• Stephen M. Walls to Stephen M. Walls. Deed Gift.

• Angela W. Clements to Chad Worrell, 15 AC, Lockett District. $35,000.

• Mark Willard Kernohan to Emily Yvonne Hancock, Lot, Town of Farmville, $254,000.

• Steven Goodwin to David Jackunas, 9.62 AC, Leigh District. $44,000.

• William B. Powers to Sterling Investments, LLC. Deed Gift.


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