As winter storms pop up, be prepared, CRC staff warns

Published 11:19 am Friday, January 12, 2024

Before the last two series of storms hit our area, emergency managers in Prince Edward, Cumberland and Charlotte counties coordinated efforts to put kits stocked with water, food, first aid supplies, hygiene products, clothing and storm protective gear in the hands of residents. 

This outreach event was made possible by a FEMA State Homeland Security Program grant awarded to the Commonwealth Regional Council through the Virginia Department of Emergency Management to provide preparedness provisions and education information to the public. The goal of saving lives through effective emergency management is part of the “A Ready Virginia is a Resilient Virginia” initiative. 

The officials said their goal was to ensure citizens are aware of how to get ready for unforeseen emergencies aids in a better overall impact response. Our state is striving to create a more informed community by sharing knowledge about things like the newly revamped Red Cross Emergency App at that contains weather alerts, locations of emergency shelters, training modules and step by step guides to assist you in getting prepared. Efforts to have a family plan, make an emergency preparedness kit, and share what you learn with others is the best way to help our region be ready to weather any future emergencies.

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