Sheriff’s race, school board seats decided in Prince Edward County

Published 9:03 am Wednesday, November 8, 2023

In most of Prince Edward, Tuesday was a night for write-ins and impressive victories. From the school board to the clerk of court, several races were already over before the night started, with just one person running. Others were also called quickly, as even with multiple people running, they quickly arrived at a decision. 

The best example of that came in the Prince Edward County Sheriff’s race, where a majority of residents delivered a clear statement about how they feel. Incumbent Sheriff Tony Epps received 65.12% of the vote last night, adding up to more than 3,509 votes. More than that, Epps claimed over 50% of the vote in all but one district, with the West End, Buffalo Heights and Lockett District all giving him more than 70% of their vote. Epp’s challenger on the night, Robert Goldman, won one precinct, with 65% of the vote from the Central district going his way. 

“It was an honor to be elected as Sheriff four years ago and an even greater honor to be re-elected on Tuesday,” Epps said. “I appreciate the confidence and trust given to me by the citizens of the county. I look forward to serving you all to the best of my ability.”

Multiple races with no competition

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As mentioned, there were several races where one person, often the incumbent, ran unopposed. In fact, even on a night with several write-in campaigns, these races had few of those to speak of. 

We start with Prince Edward’s Clerk of Court, where incumbent Lynette Coe will serve another term. Coe run unopposed, collecting 4,777 votes or 99.31%. As of Wednesday’s count, there were only 33 write-in ballots in the race. 

Also securing another term, and doing so with little competition, was Prince Edward’s Commonwealth’s Attorney Megan Clark. She brought in 98% of the vote or 4,872, with just 50 write-ins competing. 

Donna Nunnally also earned another term as Prince Edward’s Treasurer, collecting 99% of the vote. Nunnally received praise across the county for how quickly she turned over tax bills and got those to the printer this fall. She received the real estate tax data on Oct. 17 and had she and her team had those bills out the door the next day. Personal property data was received a week later and her team put it out just as quick. 

“It has been a pleasure to serve the citizens of Prince Edward County as Treasurer for the past 11 years,” Nunnally said. “I am grateful and overwhelmed by the positive support shown at the polls yesterday. It will be an honor to serve the citizens of Prince Edward for another term.”

Two of the school board races were also officially called last night, with just one person running and very few write-ins. Doug Farley will serve another term as the District 2 representative on the Prince Edward School Board. Farley collected 742 votes or 96% en route to the win. There will also be a new face on the board, one of two. J. Harvey Tackett collected 95% of the vote to win the District 1 School Board seat, while James Arieti picked up 97% in District 4. 

More school board winners, but count continues

Now a third new board member is expected to join Arieti and Tackett, but we have to wait until later this week to determine if he won. Cainan Townsend ran a write-in campaign for the District 8 seat on the school board and to our knowledge, ran unopposed. But because his was a write-in campaign and there were only 86 ballots cast in that race, we have to wait until all the absentee and provisionals are counted before a winner can be declared. 

The same goes for the Soil and Water Conservation Director’s seat. No one had officially filed by the deadline, so it too became a write-in battle, with 1,195 ballots cast. But just like in the school board race, we have to wait and see what provisional and absentee ballots come in.