Letter to the editor: Dissecting Idiocy: The MAGA – Woke Dichotomy

Published 6:08 pm Friday, September 15, 2023

Dear Editor, 

We all know American politics to be dominated by the extremes of the false two-party system. So, let’s talk about it. This first article will give some general observations about the two sides. Following articles will further dissect them individually. This is not for those of delicate sensibilities.

Wokeness is identity politics, pure and simple. The ideology is rooted in the oversimplified Marxist idea that if someone is benefitting then someone else is being had, which is often true, though not to the extraordinary or particularly malicious degree asserted by wokeness. The core belief of wokeness is that any misfortune by non-whites or women is the desired result of white men and that simply being a straight, white male is inherently evil. According to woke ideology, mathematics, bridges and overpasses, history, biology, physics, philosophy and logic are all racist, sexist tools of the Western European, white patriarchy with which to suppress and oppress minorities, women or anyone in the now never-ending alphabet soup community of sexual orientations.

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MAGA on the other hand is the populist, nationalist movement of the Republican, religious right. That is the exact characterization of it’s own members. MAGA began, some say, with the emergence of the Tea Party in 2009 as a grass roots reaction to the incredibly obvious corporate nature of the country club, billionaire Republican Party. That movement was then hijacked by the very same big money donors of the Republican Party as to re-acquire those millions of working class votes it needed to survive the onslaught of leftism in reaction to the economic collapse of 2008, which was caused by the same men and companies against which the Tea Party movement was originally organized. But it has re-emerged with new vigor under the second most dangerous man to ever hold office in this nation.  

The belief systems of both woke and MAGA are based on party propaganda, hyper-overgeneralizations, lies and extremism, which naturally only creates more of what they despise. Wokeness and MAGA both rely on the emotions of the contextually true. The results are obvious; cities have been burned, people have been beaten nearly to death in the streets by BLM and ANTIFA terrorists, MAGA seditionists tried to overthrow the government because they lost an election, the country has lost all sense of reason and decency and the rest of the world is one election cycle way from referring to America in the past tense.

The key to this reactionary pendulum of extreme right and left is the media, the sole purpose of which, shocking though you may find this, is to profit, not to inform objectively to create a more knowledgeable citizenry. 

Woke and MAGA can’t withstand logic, reason and facts. But that doesn’t matter. Misnomers like “gender affirming care” and terms like “fake news” are it from here on out. So, enjoy! You and I have collectively created or allowed this to happen. We should be forced to endure the results.

 Tom Noehren