Top In-Demand Careers in Prince Edward County

Published 10:17 am Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Our local community is a smaller populated one. It is very attractive for professionals looking for a fresh new start. The country seat and biggest town in the county is Farmville and is home to a great number of businesses and institutions that are recruiting. The sector has a flourishing industry. From law firms, to farms, to manufacturers, the job market is open for those who seek to thrive in the community.


You might already know the history of Farmville, VA, but it is now time to take a step into the future and consider one of the many careers the community can offer. Please check our list of the most attractive sectors in the town of Farmville, VA and Prince Edward County. 

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Jobs in Education


Education is a key pillar of the Prince Edward County community, and the educational system is always looking for teachers, administrators, and other education-related jobs. The county has pre-schools, elementary and high schools and Hampden-Sydney College and Longwood University that welcomes hundreds of pupils every year. 


There are many job offers that you can find online if you’re a qualified teacher or lecturer. Some of these jobs pay more than $90,000 depending on your experience.

Aside from the teaching side of this, you might get a job dealing with children with special needs, or accomplish tasks that will have a positive impact on the community.


Remember that working in an education-driven environment requires patience and consistency. Besides a rewarding job in education you may also get a longer summer vacation! 


Healthcare Worker


Getting into a career in healthcare can be intimidating, and candidates need to know where to start whether they have a degree or not. However, online bachelors and masters nursing programs can be a great option to obtain a degree that can give you entry into the various hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes that operate in Prince Edward County.


We consider Farmville a hub for healthcare services, and the town offers various medical services for every demographic. Because of that, healthcare work is a thriving sector that welcomes experienced candidates but also newcomers looking for a gratifying job.


Whether you aspire to become a physician or somebody that takes care of legal aid, the sector is always in demand and offers jobs with great benefits that can lead to a career in the industry.


Agricultural Specialist


Virginia is a rural place by essence, and it’s no wonder where the name Farmville came from! Therefore, the town’s rural setting makes for a thriving agricultural industry. Virginia has many crops, such as apples, tobacco, peanuts, and many more.


Professionals in the agricultural sector help the farms run in a smooth manner. That is why they are always needed. Specialists are here to optimize growth but also help to respect nature. 


Farmville and the surrounding areas are abundant in agriculture. Because of this businesses will welcome you with open arms if you possess a type of agricultural degree. There are also jobs available that do not require a degree. It’s all about being motivated to get the best products from the region’s rich soil.


Legal Aid

Farmville, VA, has no shortage of lawyers and law offices. Companies and common citizens are always looking for the best type of representation when they need it. Working for a law office is always gratifying because professionals rely on state laws and look for the best outcome, even in a stressful situation. 


Sometimes, it is also advantageous to get a professional point of view in many types of legal matters. Farmville is also the home of the Farmville branch of the Virginia Legal Aid Society. This resource can help you to find a job in the legal sector. It is not unusual to start a career as an office clerk before moving on to bigger things.


IT and Computer Engineering

Computers have a pivotal role in any industry nowadays. Places like Farmville offer great employment opportunities for IT specialists. There is also a growing need for cybersecurity. By enrolling for an online degree, a professional will get a profound knowledge of new technologies such as Kubernetes of DoOS attacks.


Every sector of the industry needs a strong computer presence. From the challenges faced by agricultural businesses to schools and the two local colleges, there are a great number of job opportunities available in the region. A good IT specialist doesn’t need to be fresh from university. They need to adapt to a constant stream of new technologies and be adept to the new trends in the industry. 


Whether you are an aspiring software developer or an expert in cybersecurity, your skills are in high demand for many businesses in Farmville, VA. Lest we forget, other in-state universities such as Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia are known worldwide for giving excellent knowledge in any tech-oriented field.