Watson reflects as she retires

Published 4:55 pm Friday, June 2, 2023


The Farmville Herald

Mrs. Watson, as she’s affectionately known by the students of Fuqua School and her peers, has been a part of the Fuqua community for over 30 years. She joined Fuqua School in 1991 as a teacher’s assistant and later moved to the administrative assistant position in the lower school office. She has managed parent inquiries, been the school nurse, facilitated morning care, and taken care of teacher and administrators’ needs for 32 years.

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Fuqua School has had many changes over the course of Watson’s career. Reflecting on her time at Fuqua School, Watson mentioned some of the memorable changes being new playgrounds for the kids, the addition of a beautiful butterfly garden, and updated school facilities.


Watson’s history with Fuqua School started when she and her husband met on the school grounds, formerly known as Prince Edward Academy. They were blessed with three children who also attended the school. In fact, that is what originally drew Watson to take on the position as teacher assistant and later, administrative assistant for the lower school.

Her first two children were already at the school, and when the time came for the third one to go, she decided her days would be best spent helping her family by working there. Watson stated that she “loves the fact that Fuqua gives employees breaks on tuition allowing parents the ability to work as part of the Fuqua family.”

When asked why she chose this school for herself and her children, Watson responded with “I love this school, and I want my kids in a good environment.”

Last year, Watson underwent knee surgery, giving her more time to spend with her grandchildren. It was during that time that she considered retirement. Since then, she has been able to move closer to her five grandchildren and says that one of the things she’s most looking forward to is getting to spend more time with family and creating more memorable moments with her grandchildren.

As for who is taking over the Lower School Administrative Assistant position, Tori Wade will be stepping in to fill the large shoes that Watson is leaving. While Watson was having knee surgery, Wade was readily available to fill in whenever needed and took a liking to the job. Therefore, when Watson decided she was ready to retire, everyone thought it was only right Wade take the job.

Wade told the Fuqua School Head of Upper School, Diane Stubbins, that she was “excited about the opportunity to act as the Lower School Administrative Assistant.”


Watson has already agreed to come back and sub occasionally for the school to stay connected with the Fuqua community in the upcoming years. Not only has Watson been a valued secretary and nurse, she has guided kids in a way teachers may not be able to. “She will be greatly missed,” said the Fuqua staff in a statement.