Letter to the Editor: We need to pick up our trash

Published 12:10 pm Wednesday, June 7, 2023

A Styrofoam carry-out box labeled B.L.T. sounded good after a couple of hours of hard labor. Salivation commenced in my mouth. Dreaming of the last time I ate such a sandwich, I made a grab on the container. Empty and dirty. Maybe I could get a bite to eat later. I had serious work to do!

A friendly hint to those who are traveling the roads or kayaking on the rivers in Farmville. Please, do not litter. God’s nature is so beautiful, why desecrate it with paper bags, cigarette butts, and the like? Why am I talking trash when 14 of us had an amazingly fun day on Saturday, April 28?

The Friends of the Appomattox (also known as FAR) had a great time retrieving garbage in shiny black bags which in total, weighed 154 lbs. Some cruised the rivers while others trekked along trails which captured canopied trees in which sunlight poked through their spring leaves. A three-hour event with eco-friendly folks made for a delightful day of service.

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Tom Detrick

Friends of the Appomattox