Farmville playground almost set to reopen, splashpad coming

Published 9:07 am Wednesday, June 7, 2023

FARMVILLE – Summer is in full swing and Farmville residents will be looking for somewhere to go and spend time outside in the sun. One of the most asked questions we get involves the planned Farmville splashpad and work on some playgrounds. According to Farmville Parks and Recreation, work on one local park is almost done with renovations and more updates on the way. 

According to Thomas Woodson, the Parks and Recreation director, renovations were recently completed on the playground near the Farmville-Prince Edward Community Library. Renovations for this project included upgrading the old playground equipment and putting in a new shade cover. 

“Right now we’re just waiting on the sand to go in,” said Woodson. “We’re still working on those details.”

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Currently, the playground is still closed to the public but hopefully not for too much longer. The playground will reopen once they get the new sand delivered and spread. Unfortunately, there is no set timeline for when to expect the sand to come in and the park to reopen. However, according to Woodson, there should be more information soon as Parks and Recreation work out the details. 

Status of the splashpad

Also coming soon is the new splash pad at Lion’s Park, located off of Wilck’s Lake Isle. This will be built to provide a fun outdoor activity for school-aged children during the spring and summer months. The pad will spray water for kids to play in, run through and cool off during the summer’s high temperatures.

While the project has been in the works since last fall, it’s still going to take some time to complete. The current goal is to have it finished by the end of this summer.

“We do have plans for more upgrades at other parks,” said Woodson. “Right now we’re just working on finalizing the plans through the rest of this year.”

Along with the playground and splashpad, more projects are in the works. Next, some existing parks will receive some renovations and new playground equipment including Grove Street Playground and Haynes Street Park. There are also plans for more splash pads to provide more opportunities for outdoor play.