Animal shelter needs help, as pet surrenders keep coming in

Published 4:59 am Tuesday, June 27, 2023

The Prince Edward County Animal Shelter is over capacity and is asking the community to help in any way possible.

The animal shelter has received more surrenders than typical. Usually, when the shelter starts to get full, the animal control officers will call surrounding shelters and animal welfare organizations to see if they can help take some of the dogs and cats off their hands. Unfortunately, these shelters are also at capacity. 

Chief Animal Control Officer Adam Mumma hasn’t been back at Prince Edward too long since taking over the position, however, since he was here five years ago things are very different. 

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“We’ve never had this many puppies and beagles hanging around like this,” he said. “Everyone is full and we’ve reached out to other agencies who tell us they are also full. Across the board, everyone is packed and in need.”

According to Mumma, in the past two months, the shelter has received 130 dogs and cats. Post-pandemic, many people are no longer able to take care of their pets due to the change in the economy and heading back into the office.

The Prince Edward Animal Shelter has sent some animals to the Arlington Animal Welfare League and the Outer Banks Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to try and make space. 

“It’s a big thing of communities working together,” said Mumma.

How to help animal shelter

The most obvious way people can help is to go down to the shelter and adopt one of the dogs or cats that need a loving home. Since this is not doable for many people there are other ways for those with allergies, renting or content with the number of pets at home. 

One simple way is to spread the news. Mumma plans to post more regularly on the Prince Edward County Animal Care and Control Facebook page about the animals still in need of a home. Sharing these posts can reach more people who may be looking for a new pet to bring home.

Another way to help is by doing everything to prevent more pets from ending up at the shelter as strays. Owners are encouraged to keep their pets on their property and pets should also be microchipped or have a collar with identification. This way no lost pets are taking up room in the shelter and can get home faster. 

Anyone interested in adopting can call animal control at 434-223-7310 to make an appointment.