Letter to the Editor: Buckingham Republicans, reclaim your party

Published 8:34 am Friday, May 26, 2023

What has transpired over the last several months with regards to the Board of Electors in Buckingham County is nothing short of shameful. The election denying, vote suppressing faction of the local Republican Party launched a despicable campaign to sully our electoral process and to deprive a fine young woman, Ms. Taylor, of her livelihood. These false claims of election improprieties have been rightly dismissed for the nonsense they were. But the damage they caused continues. The attempts to sow chaos and disrupt the voting process in Buckingham also continue.

To those citizens of Buckingham County who have for years called themselves Republicans and have taken pride in the values espoused by your party and the candidates you have elected, it is time for you to stand and be counted. It is time for you to publicly condemn the actions of those who currently claim to speak for you, while attempting to dismantle the electoral process in Buckingham.

The long standing legal principle, “qui tacet consentire videtur” (he who is silent is taken to agree) applies to you all. As long as you remain silent on this upending of democracy in our county you bear the responsibility of supporting it.

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True Republicans of Buckingham County, reclaim your party and restore decency and trust to our vote.

Frank Howe