God’s Final Call serves over a thousand on Easter

Published 3:00 pm Thursday, April 13, 2023

God's Final CallEaster Sunday is a day when Christians remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. For one ministry, this was a day to go out and put those teachings into practice.

From 3 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, April 9, in the gymnasium of the Fireman’s Sports Arena, God’s Final Call set up its latest giveaway. The event had over 300 families sign up, which added up to over a thousand people served.

“We try to lessen or alleviate food insecurity and poverty,” said Ralph Rhyne, founder and president of God’s Final Call. “We want to give people a hand-up as we can’t cure it all but we want to help.”

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God’s Final Call is based out of Chatham and holds giveaways multiple times a week cycling through nearby counties. Unlike many giveaways that focus on food, clothing or other specific needs, this organization does it all. As folks went around the tables in the gymnasium they were given a bag to collect food, drinks, toiletries, small appliances, clothes, toys, school supplies, shoes and other needed items. Folks could choose what they needed or liked so that way nothing went to waste.

God's Final Call“I’ve been to places where they give you a box of food, and it’s an appreciated good deed, but there were things in there I didn’t want or need so I didn’t use,” said Rhyne. “Now that I am in a position to help others, I wanted to let them choose what they get and they’ll use it because they chose it. It’s worked really well for us.”

The ministry goes to the different counties they serve on a cycle and have been to Farmville at least twice in the last six months. They didn’t plan for the giveaway to be on Easter, but it was the day that worked out for both Prince Edward County and God’s Final Call.

The ministry is able to make this happen through partnerships and donations. According to Rhyne, they never ask those who come to donate since they are the ones in need. However, he encourages anyone who is able to and feels led to donate to help the group continue its work and expand to serve even more people. Those who want to know more can visit godsfinalcallandwarning.com.