Rice Convenience Site closes temporarily due to construction

Published 1:02 am Wednesday, March 29, 2023

RICE – As Prince Edward County continues to move forward with improvements across the area, the next project will focus on the Rice Convenience Site.

Project #7 in the  2022-2024 Prince Edward County Capital Improvement Plan addresses the needs of county convenience sites. Being one of the busiest locations, the Rice location is first on the list with construction in the coming weeks. 

“When I first came on around two years ago and started talking to folks, the most complaints I got were about the courthouse front lawn, the convenience sites and the elementary school,” said Prince Edward County Administrator Doug Stanley. “We’re still working to address the last one now but it’s great to make progress in these projects.”

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As the Rice Convenience Site prepares for construction, folks can go to a temporary location at 21950 Prince Edward Highway. This location will give residents a nearby option to take their garbage during construction. The location will only take household trash so recyclables and other items will have to be taken to another site. 

The new site is expected to be open by the end of June or the beginning of July. Once the Rice location is finished, plans will start for updates to the Worsham site.

The improvements at Rice site

Some of the changes for the Rice Convenience Site are to help it serve more people easily. The footprint of the site will be expanded which will also make room for a second compactor. A new compactor won’t be put in right away, but when the need arises there will be room to set one up for traffic to go to once the first is filled. This larger area will also allow more room for swapping out containers.

The entrances currently do not meet Virginia Department of Transportation standards. According to Stanley, the first entrance is located too close to Prince Edward Highway. The entrances will be moved back and create a safer entrance off Aspen Hill Road. 

Other changes include creating a leachate collection system and stormwater management. Currently, when the compactors run if there is any liquid it goes directly to the dirt and gravel floor. If something like paint or oil is mistakenly put in there, those liquids could seep into the ground or run off into the nearby creek during a rainstorm. The leachate collection system will collect these liquids and the stormwater management will help any runoff properly drain for a safer operation. 

“These changes will help modernize the location and make it more environmentally friendly,” said Stanley. 

Other improvements include paving the site, new fencing with privacy slats, modern LED lighting, new signage and landscaping.