Letter to the Editor: Why I endorse John McGuire

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Editor’s note: Prince Edward , Buckingham and Cumberland counties are all in the new 10th District for the Virginia Senate. John McGuire and Duane Adams are two Republican candidates. 

Dear Editor,

I’m former Virginia State Senator Dick Black and I wanted to highlight an upcoming election. This coming May, there will be a Republican convention, where delegates will select a candidate for Virginia Senate in the 10th District.

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Delegate John McGuire, a Navy SEAL, will square off against Supervisor Duane Adams for the Republican nomination. Duane Adams ran three times for House of Delegates as a Democrat. He ran as a Democrat both in West Virginia and in Virginia.

Public records show that Adams ran for House of Delegates three times in West Virginia. He first ran as a Republican in 1982. Then, he switched and ran as a Democrat in 1984 and 1986. He lost all three races.

Throughout this entire time, Ronald Reagan was president. During those years, America was in a great struggle between liberal socialism and dynamic conservatism. The choice was clear. Duane Adams chose to move hard left.

Reagan left the Democrats because they were too radical. Duane Adams did just the opposite.

In 1984, Duane Adams ran for West Virginia House of Delegates. He ran on the Democratic ticket with Walter Mondale against Ronald Reagan and the Republican Party.

Adams deliberately abandoned Ronald Reagan’s conservative agenda. He joined the party made famous by Jimmy Carter’s catastrophic inflation, urban riots, drug culture, and promotion of abortion. We don’t know if Adams agreed with all of that, but he was sufficiently comfortable that he jumped ship to the Democrats.

Duane Adams moved to Virginia, where he remained popular with Democrats. In 1993, he was a Democrat nominee for House of Delegates in Virginia. He ran on a ticket with Mary Sue Terry — a national leader of the gun control movement.

That year, Republican Delegate Frank Hargrove was on the Republican ticket with George Allen for Governor. Frank was a beloved Republican. Duane Adams tried to defeat Hargrove and advance the anti-gun agenda but fortunately, he failed that time.

I don’t support Democrats, and I won’t support Duane Adams. He was the Democrats’ candidate three different times. I don’t buy the line that he’s shifted back to the Republican Party again. Duane Adams doesn’t believe in anything; he’s a political opportunist.

Instead, I am supporting Del. John McGuire, a Navy SEAL with a sterling Republican record. Look at McGuire’s scores. He gets 100% from the National Federation of Independent Businesses, the Family Foundation and the Virginia Citizens Defense League.

You can also learn a lot about Delegate McGuire by his enemies. NARAL, a pro abortion group, gave McGuire an “F” rating. The liberal teacher’s union, NEA, also gave McGuire poor ratings because McGuire supports parents and teachers over their liberal union agenda.

I served with John, so I know these facts from personal experience. Del. John McGuire is good as gold; he has my full trust and support.

I know that John McGuire is the real deal — a hardcore, America-First, Navy SEAL with a flawless voting record. I urge you to vote John McGuire for Senate.

Dick Black

State Senator, 13th District (ret.)