Letter to the Editor: A return to Mt. Trashmore

Published 12:30 pm Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Dear Editor,

A Buckingham County concerned citizen did a spot viewing on Google Earth of the growing environmental and health hazard at the 2660 Pattie Road tire mountain. Yes people, just like the seaweed belt on the Atlantic East Coast seen on Google Earth, the tire mountain is still there in its full glory, perhaps with hundreds of more tires than earlier reported. The mountain grows and grows with rental trucks and trailers coming and going in what seems like a daily event.

Using the “chain of command,” media contact reporting, proper state agency notifications, and local supposed responsible supervisors and enforcement officers; the mountain grows. Everybody contacted says, “it is being looked at;” maybe they mean from Google Earth. Nothing appears to change that will legally combat this astonishing growing one-tire-at-a-time plague in our neighborhood

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Nelson Bailey